2nd September program

2nd September program

11 am
ADIGE, VIA D'ACQUA / ADIGE, WATERWAY - Log to Green Movie Award for the best sustainable film
Alessandro Scillitani / 43 min / 2018 / Italy
With the dream of reopening the ancient waterway of the Adige, a group of canoeists from the Canoa Club Verona, with the participation of Alessandro Anderloni, travel the Adige from Bolzano to the sea, telling stories and telling about the river.

THE NEXT GUARDIAN - Prize for the best feature film
Dorottya Zurbó, Arun Bhattarai / 74 min / 2017 / Bhutan, Hungary Gyembo is a skilled footballer, but he must become a monk. Tashi doesn't see herself in dresses and female roles, but only wants to play football. Brother and sister talk about their futures, in a village in Bhutan, in the peaks of the Himalayas, along a path divided between ancient traditions and personal dreams.

2 pm
Grégoire Verbeke / 15 min / 2018 / Belgium
With the arrival of spring, in northern Albania, it's time to move the goats in transhumance from the valley to the high mountains. Prek Gjoni takes off with his flock, a pair of broken shoes and an umbrella, accompanied by the young Jovalin.
RUDAR / THE MINER - Prize from the Cassa Rurale Bassa Vallagarina for the best film about the Alps, Prize from the jury MicroCosmo of inmates of the Verona prison, The Bertani Winery Prize from the public
Hanna Slak / 98 min / 2017 / Croatia (Hrvatska), Germany, Slovenia
Alija, a miner immigrated from Bosnia, was charged with checking if an abandoned mine is empty, before the mining company sells it. It is tunnels he discovers proof of a genocide that took place in the Slovenian mountains after World War II.

4 pm
Roman Sokolov / 9 min / 2017 / Russian Federation
Awakening the sun every morning is a difficult job. Especially if it is only one man who does this. Every night he crosses the forest with his bicycle, climbs a high mountain, and activates a mysterious gear with a strange gold coin.
Elizaveta Stishova / 102 min / 2017 / Kyrgyzstan, Russian Federation
In the shadow of Takht-i-Suleiman, the sacred mountain of Solomon, begins the journey along the Silk Road of the crook Karabas, along with his newfound son and his two wives, to cross the rocky landscapes of Kyrgyzstan. He is a divided man who must choose between freedom and the gaze of a child.

6 pm
8TH CONTINENT - Special mention
Yorgos Zois / 11 min / 2017 / Greece
An orange dot floats on the blue Greek sea. A small boat approaches and pulls it on board. In the middle of an island not far away, a mountain of life-jackets, jackets and thermal blankets is accumulating.
KRATKI IZLET / A BRIEF EXCURSION - Prize for the best feature film
Igor Bezinović / 75 min / 2017 / Croatia (Hrvatska)
In Motovun summer goes on with concerts and parties. Stola's routine is interrupted by the arrival of Roko, who convinces him to take off with other friends for a nearby monastery. When their bus breaks down, the trip transforms into an allegorical voyage toward the unknown.

9 pm
NUEVE NUDOS / NINE KNOTS - Prize for the best short film
Lorena Colmenares / 11 min / 2017 / Venezuela
Maria and José are alone facing death. Following an ancient rite, they intertwine nine knots and for each of these say a prayer for the deceased and express nine wishes. Then only their small efforts and their great dignity remain, to say their last farewell to the mother.
SENGIRĖ THE ANCIENT WOOD - Lessinia d'oro, Log to Green Movie Award for the best sustainable film
Mindaugas Survila / 83 min / 2017 / Estonia, Germany, Lithuania
A world out of time, in which the matter changes form and the human being is only an intruder. In Lithuania, an ancient forest is described through the daily rituals of the animals that run through its depths, the cavities of the trees, and the waters, in a visual meditation that peers through the dense vegetation.

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