The Film Festival della Lessinia is, in Italy, the only international film competition exclusively dedicated to short films, documentaries, feature films and animation films about mountain life, history and traditions. Founded in 1995, at the initiative of the Cimbrian association of the Lessinia, as a videographic event dedicated to the Veronese mountains, the Film Festival has widened its scope to include mountains all over the world, excluding by regulation works dedicated to sport and mountaineering.

Held in 1995 in Bosco Chiesanuova and in 1996 in Erbezzo, the Film Festival was hosted from 1997 to 2006 by the town of Cerro Veronese, where affirmed its status first as a national, and then international, film competition. Since 2007, the official site of the Film Festival della Lessinia is Bosco Chiesanuova.

The screenings take place over the course of nine days, between the penultimate and last week of August, at the Teatro Vittoria. In addition to the film program, the Festival features special events, retrospectives, international guests, exhibitions, conferences, debates, concerts and other initiatives on the subject of mountain life, history and traditions.

The Film Festival has always focused on mountain life, history and traditions as a way of safeguarding the territory.

This kind of protection is now called sustainability. For this reason, the Film Festival della Lessinia Association is committed to managing the event with regard to the statements of intent, values, and vision of the Association and the criteria of sustainable development.

Particular attention is paid to the principles of responsible management of the event and its resources, integrity, transparency and inclusiveness to all the participants involved in the organization and conduct of the Film Festival. The Association commits itself to the sustainable management of the event, in full compliance with the applicable legislative requirements and those provided by the ISO 20121: 2012 standard.

To ensure the event’s sustainability over time, the Association has targeted particular indicators and objectives. They are monitored with the goal of continual improvement of the System of Sustainable Management of the event, with the collaboration of everyone involved.


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