From an early age Alessandro Anderloni dedicated himself to the theater in his hometown of Velo Veronese, in the Lessinia mountains, where at eighteen he began producing and directing his original scripts, interpreted by his fellow residents, eventually involving more than 300 of them in his productions. His company, Le Falìe (snowflakes), is an exemplary experience of popular theater, which has expanded over the years to involve schools, the local jail, and performances in other Italian theaters.

After earning a degree in literature, in addition to his work for the theater Anderloni added the roles of screenwriter, director and producer, adapting some of his theatrical works for film and making several documentaries including L'abisso, winner of ten international awards. He worked for the RAI (Radio Televisione Italiana) program, La storia siamo noi, and for the production house APS Video in Verona, before founding Àissa Màissa Produzioni Cinematografiche in 2012.

A scholar of Dante, he has adapted and brought to the stage The Divine Comedy, from which he interprets from memory more than thirty cantos, in theatrical, musical, and choreographed versions, working with the composers Mauro Ottolini, Mauro Palmas, Thomas Sinigaglia and Zeno Baldi and the choreographer Silvia Bertoncelli, among others.

He is the artistic director of various municipal theatres, performances and festivals including, since 1997, the Lessinia Film Festival.