The Lessinia Film Festival is the only Italian cinematographic competition dedicated exclusively to short films, documentaries, and full length features about the life, history and traditions of the mountains.

The festival, initiated in 1995 by the Curatorium Cimbricum Veronense Association as a video exhibition dedicated to the Veronese mountains, gradually expanded to encompass the mountains of the entire world. It excludes from competition, however, works dealing with sport and mountain climbing.

The competition was held in Bosco Chiesanuova in 1995, and in Erbezzo in 1996. The Film Festival was hosted by the town of Cerro Veronese from 1997-2006, where it earned national and then international recognition.  Since 2005, the offical seat of the Lessinia Film Festival has been Bosco Chiesanuova.

The viewings will be held at the Teatro Vittoria over a 10-days period during the last two weeks of August. The cinematographic program will be complemented by special events, retrospectives, international guests, exhibitions, meetings, debates, concerts and other activities concerning the life, history, and traditions of the mountains.   

Alessandro Anderloni has been the artistic director of the Lessinia Film Festival since 1997.