International jury

Pedro Figueiredo Neto - Giuria del FFDL

Pedro Figueiredo Neto

Pedro Figueiredo Neto is a Portuguese anthropologist and filmmaker. He holds a degree in architecture from the University of Porto and a PhD in Anthropology from the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris. He is currently a research fellow at the Instituto de Ciências Sociais, Universidade de Lisboa where he coordinates several courses, namely the summer school in Cinema and Social Sciences. He is the author of several film pieces, presented in art galleries and screened at diverse international film festivals: Curupira (2016), Withering Refuge (2020), Abyssal (2021), Guadiana in Four Movements (2022). His first feature film, Yoon (2021), was selected and awarded in major international festivals (DocLisboa, Jihlava IDFF, Visions du Réel, IDFA, DOkFest, etc).

Irene Gutiérrez Torres - Giuria del FFDL

Irene Gutiérrez Torres

Irene Gutierrez is an award-winning Spanish documentary filmmaker from Ceuta. She graduated in documentary filmmaking from the International School of San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba, with a master's degree in Spanish Cinema Studies. At the same, she worked as co-director of the Master in Documentary Film programs. She is currently a PhD candidate at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels and the Carlos III University of Madrid. She directed Diarios de Frontera (2013), Hotel Nueva Isla (2014), Connected Walls (2015), Diarios de Exilio (2019) and Entre Perro y Lobo (2020) with which she won the Lessinia d’Oro at the Film Festival della Lessinia in 2021. Her films have been presented in numerous film festivals and art venues including the Berlinale, the International Film Festival of Rotterdam, the MoMA Documentary Fortnight, and Lincoln Center.

Stefan Pavlović - Giuria del FFDL

Stefan Pavlović

Dutch director, Stefan Pavlović holds a degree in directing from the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles and a master's degree from the Netherlands Film Academy. His first short film When the Dragon Came (2018) premiered at the Krakow Film Festival and won the Best Film award at the Szczecin International Film Festival, Poland. His feature film Looking for Horses (2021) was a winner in the Burning Lights section of Visions du Réel 2021. The film won numerous awards at international festivals including IDFA, Sarajevo FF, FID Marseille, RIDM, and Kasseler Dokfest as well as the award for best film by a young director at the Film Festival della Lessinia 2022. Stefan Pavlović received the Prins Bernhard Documentary Prize and was selected for the Berlinale Talents in 2022.

Fanny Rösch - Giuria del FFDL

Fanny Rösch

Born and raised in Munich, Fanny Rösch approached both cinema and theatre from a very young age. During her school years she wrote a play about the experience of a girl who travels to Syria to join ISIS, playing her lead role herself. After graduation, she worked on film and television sets in Munich and Berlin. Since 2019 she has been studying production and media at the Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film (University of Television and Film) in Munich. In addition to producing feature films and documentaries, Rösch is also involved in directing and screenwriting. Her works include the shorts Dreissig (2022), Idyll (2022) and the web series Spielzeit (2021). She is completing Lethe (2023) and Champagne for Everyone (2023), both feature films.

Micol Cossali - Giuria del FFDL

Micol Cossali

Fascinated by moving images as an instrument of knowledge of the world and of people, after studying philosophy, she embarked on a personal path that led her to work as an author and director of documentaries and television programs. From 2012 to 2013 she was the artistic director of the History Lab TV channel. From 2008 to 2015, with the Cam collective, she overesaw the design of multimedia itineraries for museums and cultural institutions. She dedicates a large part of her work to the rediscovery of the history of women and their life paths. She likes to define herself as a multimedia narrator. Among her most purely documentary works: Un grande sonno nero. Vita e morte di Guido Rossa alpinista e operaio (2007), Di padre in figlia. Generazioni di alpeggiatori a confronto (2009), La fabbrica delle donne. La Manifattura Tabacchi di Rovereto (2011), Donne di montagna. Storie di vita sugli Altipiani Cimbri (2018).


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