The hour of living

Regno Unito / 2012 / 112 min / Colour

After the death of his mother, Theo finds an old Super-8 film amongst her belongings. The images are of a party during which Theo’s father, also deceased, seems extremely happy. He appears to be very much in love, but not with Theo’s mother. A desire is born in the son to discover more about his father’s life. In the end, his research will take him to a remote Swiss village. Up there, Theo meets George, who had been his father’s lover. Against the solitary and majestic mountain landscape that forms the background for their unfolding relationship, the two men begin a course of mutual inquiry consisting of few words and long silences. Both seem to want to learn something more about their pasts and their present. Both are searching: Theo for his father, George for himself. Through his meeting with Theo, the life of George, who has chosen the mountains as the site of retreat and escape, begins to take on new meaning. 


    Format  D-CINEMALanguage English Subject Sebastian Michael Screenplay Sebastian Michael Cinematography Gregor Brändli Sound Geoff Widdowson Editing Sebastian Michael Music Pepe Belmonte Main cast Sam Fordham, Charlotte Heinimann Christoph Schwegler, David Wade Gary Grant, Dan Absalom Sebastian Michael Producer Sebastian Michael Production company Optimist Creations, Cinéver 


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