The Wild Blue Yonder

2005 / 81 min / Colour

A frozen blue sky silently hangs over a planet of liquid helium, a vast world full of life and sentient creatures. From the dying horizon of the Andromeda galaxy, the aliens left that planet and departed to land on Earth. In search of a new beauty, as the alien narrator recounts, they failed by replicating human errors on the earth's surface. Now man is about to embark on a specular exploration, in search of new worlds in which to survive. The Wild Blue Yonder, by Werner Herzog, is a cinematic creature that eludes every definition: overturning the perspective of documentary images and Nasa films, the director composes a visual and sound symphony that crosses science fiction to speak to a dying planet, to a sedentary humanity, forgetful of every poem, which dreams of opening shopping centres on other planets and abandoning the Earth forever. Brad Dourif, a solitary alien who contemplates the ruins of the non-places he erected, warns humanity of the involution subject to our desire to conquer every horizon, every peak, every form of life.


    Format  HDSubject Werner HerzogScreenplay Werner HerzogCinematography Henry Kaiser, Tanja Koop, Klaus ScheurichEditing Joe BiniMusic Ernst Reijseger, Mola Sylla, Concordu e Tenore de Orosei


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