Il pianeta azzurro

The Blue Planet

1982 / 88 min / Colour

"So one thing from another rises ever; And in fee-simple life is given to none, But unto all mere usufruct."  With these verses from Lucretius' De rerum natura opens The Blue Planet, a masterpiece by the Brescian director Franco Piavoli. It, too, is a poem, but one woven with images and sounds rather than words (knowingly excluded from the narration), which unfolds on three planes, three intertwined threads that weave a symphony reproducing the buzz of life itself. On the bottom, outlined with light touches, biological existence: light, water, plants, animals, men. Then the succession of nights and days, the passing of the seasons. Finally, naked and moving, dear and at the same time alien, the life of women and men: games, laughter, love, work, rest, cohabitation, aggressiveness. The eye-camera of Piavoli, with the detachment of love, collects everything and understands – identical and immortal – in the time of its filming, which is an hour or a year, a season, all the time in the world.


    Format  HDSubject Franco PiavoliScreenplay Franco PiavoliEditing Franco Piavoli


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