2018 / 86 min / Colour

Jinpa is traveling in the desolate altitudes of the Kekexili, a dusty and desert plateau of Tibet, when he runs over a sheep with his truck: a very bad omen. Immediately afterward, he meets a boy, walking in nothingness, who bears his same name. He is a young man in search of revenge, and of the blood of a man who ruined his life, forever. He carries a silver dagger tied to his belt, but his story is vague and fragmented. Pema Tseden takes us on a journey through landscapes and memories, in which history wounded by the shadow of memory re-emerges, violently. The lunar landscape in which the protagonists move, to whom a Lama ten years earlier gave the same name, is the true protagonist of a work that sinks into the solitude of a dream, bringing the two protagonists to meet both one and other's gaze and past. Jinpa does not yet know what his goal will be, but the destiny that awaits him at the end of the race is linked to the young man's journey, to the village that awaits them both at the end of the road. 


    Format  HDSubject Pema TsedenScreenplay Pema TsedenCinematography Lu SongyeEditing William ChangMusic Lim Giong, PointMain cast Jinpa, Genden Phuntsok, Sonam WangmoProducer Wong Kar-wai, Jacky Pang


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