International competition: feature films  
DAVOS by Daniel Hoesl and Julia Niemann, Austria, 2020
ENTRE FUEGO Y AGUA by Viviana Gómez Echeverry, Colombia, 2020
ENTRE PERRO Y LOBO by Irene Gutiérrez, Colombia Cuba Spain, 2020 (Italian Premiere)
FEBRUARY by Kamen Kalev, Bulgaria France, 2020 (Italian Premiere)
FIRE IN THE MOUNTAINS by Ajitpal Singh, India, 2020 (Italian Premiere)
L’AVENTURE by Marianne Chaud, France, 2020 (Italian Premiere)
MBAH JHIWO by Alvaro Gurrea, Spain, 2021 (Italian Premiere)
NILANADUKKAM by Balaji Vembu Chelli, India, 2020 (Italian Premiere)
PIEDRA SOLA by Alejandro Telemaco Tarraf, Argentina Mexico Qatar UK, 2020 
THE POSTCARD by El Moudir Asmae, Marocco Qatar, 2020     

International competition: short films
ANGH by Theja Rio, India, 2020 (Italian Premiere)
BAD OMEN by Salar Pashtoonyar, Canada Afghanistan, 2020 (Italian Premiere)
BÌNH by Ostin Fam, Vietnam South Korea Thailandia Singapore, 2020 (Italian Premiere)
FOR YOUR SAKE by Ronja Hemm, Germany, 2020
GON, THE LITTLE FOX by Takeshi Yashiro, Japan, 2020
HAEBERLI by Moritz Müller-Preißer, Germany, 2020 
IL MONTE INTERIORE by Michele Sammarco, Italy, 2020 
KALSUBAI by Yudhajit Basu, India, 2021 
LA VOIE DU BERGER by Sylvain Ferrari, Portugal, 2021 (Italian Premiere)
MOUTONS, LOUP ET TASSE DE THÉ... by Marion Lacourt, France, 2019 
SOGNI AL CAMPO by Magda Guidi and Mara Cerri, France Italy, 2020
TEUGA by Tatsuki Shirai, Thailandia UK, 2020 (Italian Premiere)
THE BIG HEADED BOY, SHAMANS AND SAMURAIS by Bibhusan Basnet and Pooja Gurung, Nepal France, 2020 (Italian Premiere)

Montagne Italiane
ACCAMÒRA (IN QUESTO MOMENTO) by Emanuela Muzzupappa, Italy, 2020
L'ANNO DEI SETTE INVERNI by Marco Zuin, Italy, 2021
LE TERRE ALTE by Andrea Zambelli and Andrea Zanoli, Italy, 2020
MARANA by Giovanni Benini and Davide Provolo, Italy, 2020 
MOVIDA by Alessandro Padovani, Italy, 2020 
SÒNE by Daniel Kemény, Switzerland, 2020

FFDL green   
ICEMELTLAND PARK by Liliana Colombo, Italy UK, 2020
LA CONQUISTA DE LAS RUINAS by Eduardo Gómez, Argentina Bolivia, 2020
LES BERGERS DU FUTUR by Lionel Roux, France, 2018 (Italian Premiere)
NOW by Jim Rakete, Germany, 2020
PRIMASCESA - LA MONTAGNA CREATA DALL'UOMO by Leonardo Panizza, Italy, 2021
REJSEN TIL UTOPIA by Erlend Eirik Mo, Norway Sweden Demark, 2019
SILUETAS DE AGUA by Violeta Paus, Chile, 2020
SOA by Raquel Castro, Portugal, 2020 (Italian Premiere)

BABA YAGA Y MALYSHKA by Evgenia Golubeva, Russia, 2020
BÄR by Julia Ocker, Germany, 2018 (Italian Premiere)
BÉMOL by Oana Lacroix, Switzerland, 2021
KLEINER GROßER BÄR by Sarah Schulz, Germany, 2018
LE FIL DES RÊVES by Camille Foirest, France, 2020 (Italian Premiere)
MAESTRO by Illogic collective, France, 2019
MEDVĚDĚNÍ by Daniela Hýbnerová, Czech Republic, 2018
ODEYALKO by Marina Moshkova, Russia, 2020 
PARTRIDGE IN A BEAR TREE by Sophie Dutton and Adam Bailey, UK, 2019 (Italian Premiere)
POD MRAKEM by Diviak, Czech Republic, 2018 
POD OBLAKAMI by Vasilisa Tikunova, Russia, 2021 
SUR LA COLLINE by Zoë Steudel, Léo Guillet, Thomas Zeng and Sacha Marcelin, France, 2020 (Italian Premiere)
SYMPHONIE EN BÊÊÊÊÊ (MAJEUR) by Hadrien Vezinet, France, 2020 (Italian Premiere)
URSA - THE SONG OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTS by Natalia Malykhina, Norway, 2021  

DAME SAISONS by Arnaud Demuynck and Célia Tisserant, France Belgium, 2020 (Italian Premiere)
KINOMAN by Askar Nurakun Uulu, Kazakistan, 2018
MON PAPI S'EST CACHÉ by Anne Huynh, France, 2018
UMBRELLAS  by Álvaro Robles, José Prats, France Spain, 2020
ZVUKY SPOZA LÚKY by Filip Diviak, Czech Republic, 2020

FFDL 9+ 
À LA MODE by Jean Lecointre, France, 2020
ALTAÏ  by Jean Lagorce and François Lagorce, France, 2020
BOSQUECITO by Paulina Muratore, Argentina, 2020
COINCÉS by Masa Avramovic, France, 2020 (Italian Premiere)
MIGRANTS by Hugo Caby, Antoine Dupriez, Aubin Kubiak, Lucas Lermytte and Zoé Devise, France, 2020
NEST by Sonja Rohleder, Germany, 2019
POLARBARRY – LET’S BREAK THE ICE!! VLOG #207 by Wouter Dijkstra, Netherlands, 2020 (Italian Premiere)
THE FOURFOLD by Alisi Telengut, Canada, 2020 
THE WEATHER IS LOVELY by Chun-Chien Lien, China Taiwan, 2020

Special event

Elenco Completo