2008 / 97 min / Colour

For 700 years, WALL-E has been the only inhabitant of Earth, reduced to an endless dump and abandoned by man due to excessive pollution. The small robot, faithful to its directive, cleans it with daily scruple, but also with love and curiosity. When, among the mounds of garbage, it finds a seedling germinated from the soil considered contaminated, its existence will take unexpected directions. Danger, adventure, duty and sentiment will mark the path of a group of "machines", more human than the surviving humans, towards a new possibility for the Planet. Public and critical success, crowned by the victory at the Oscars, WALL-E is at the top of Pixar production, entering the strand of science fiction dystopian cinema, but innervating it from within with a profound revolution of feelings and perspective. A fable that is not only ecologist, but which tells us about technology, the future, and the most powerful and immortal of feelings: love.


    Format  HDSubject Andrew Stanton, Pete DocterScreenplay Andrew Stanton, Jim ReardonCinematography Jeremy LaskyEditing Stephen SchafferMusic Thomas Newman, Peter GabrielProduction company Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures


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