Habitat [Piavoli]

2013 / 60 min / Colour

n the house of Franco Piavoli in Pozzolengo, time expands. The director is filmed as daily life flows and space is fragmented into multiple frames and visions. Claudio Casazza and Luca Ferri deconstruct the image of the director, not questioning him directly, but filming his reflection. The plants and trees that surround the house are the stimulus to reflect on one's condition as a man, on becoming as a tangle of being. Cinema and the camera are the vehicle for an awareness that allows us to transcend the immanence and suffering of life. From the rooms of a country house to the fronds surrounding the garden, the documentary travels through the work of Piavoli, using images and suggestions, from Il Pianeta Azzurro to Ambulatorio - his first film - to investigate an idea of cinema that merges with a philosophical practice and a model of life, on the edge of the world, sheltered from contemporary logic.


    Format  HDScreenplay Claudio Casazza, Luca FerriCinematography Claudio Casazza, Luca FerriEditing Claudio Casazza, Luca FerriMusic Dario Agazzi, Duccio ServiMain cast Franco Piavoli, Flora Piavoli, Agata Piavoli, Luca Ferri (voce/voice over), Claudio Casazza, Mario Piavoli


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