The Tree

2018 / 22 min / Colour

Hava and Adam live next to each other: a hollow tree is the messenger of their letters and the companion of their games. When the ferocity of the adults divides them, it will take years for the last letter to be delivered.


Format  HDSubject Hava Mukhiyeva Screenplay Hava Mukhiyeva Cinematography Natalya Makarova Sound Artur KhayrullinEditing Hava Mukhiyeva Main cast Salihat Mukhiyeva, Said-Ahmed Mukhiyev, Mila Fakhurdinova, Mukhazhir Dolakov, Iman Esimbaeva, Adam Israpilov, Leila Sultygova, Ami AmerProduction company Hava Mukhiyeva


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