2018 / 11 min / Colour

In the shadow of a mountain, in a very poor Mexican village, the elderly Don Emilio and his wife live in solitude, supported by their great faith, the comfort of music, and the little birds they raise with love. When the woman becomes ill, Don Emilio takes charge of his companion of a lifetime and works with the few means at his disposal to comfort her and guarantee her the necessary care. But time takes its course and everyone's destinies are fulfilled by ignoring the desires of the heart. The memory of music, the singing of birds, everything seems to change meaning in the eyes of Don Emilio. God is also silent. Leaving behind the village that has gathered around his grief, Don Emilio will have to make the journey alone to again find his faith, his place in the world. Photographed in the warm colours of Mexico, a story of loss and faith, intimate and universal.


    Format  HDSubject Pamela VelázquezScreenplay Pamela VelázquezCinematography Rhett CutrellSound Rhett CutrellEditing Antonio GaehdMusic Aldo TeomitziMain cast Susy Recio, Candido Acosta. Production company Fornever Productions


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