2017 / 11 min / Colour

Among snow-capped mountains, perhaps born of fantasy, the author's imagination moves as in a dream, reconnecting the threads of a lost memory, re-emerged from the pages of an old school diary: a person once known, now forgotten. Rereading passages of that rediscovered diary, the gaze turns inwards, trying to return a shape, a face, to an absence. But the memory is weak, the memory escapes. In an emptied and cold inner landscape, images, relics and fetishes of a life long past re-emerge, silent and mysterious, threatening in their impossibility to compose themselves in a coherent memory. In a single sequence, investigating the ductile possibilities of digital graphics, Cao Shu traces a painful topography of memory: a desolate land - owing to Surrealist and Jungian aesthetics - in which each object is a mute enigma, without solution.


    Format  HDSubject Cao ShuScreenplay Cao ShuCinematography Cao ShuSound Wang ChenfeiEditing Cao ShuMusic Wang ChenfeiMain cast Zhu NanouProduction company Cao Shu Studio


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