5x7 - Il paese in una scatola

5x7 - The Village in a Box

2018 / 37 min / Colour

In 1957 a newly graduated American student landed in Lacedonia, a rural community in the province of Avellino. With him he had a camera and a diary. Still uncertain about his future and about to embark on specialist studies in anthropology, he lived for seven months with the locals and portrayed them in their everyday life, documenting a rapidly changing world, that is now radically altered. And yet, in Lacedonia, sixty years after Frank left to become an anthropologist and continue his studies in Mexico, someone still remembers him. And the discovery of thousands of photos taken in those months has become the occasion to create a museum and to recall in Italy the scholar who, better than any other, knew how to recount the life of a province, evaporated in the contemporary world. The faces remain, marked by the wrinkles of a past that is unrecognisable, even in the landscape: faces that the young Frank, a student with a passion for photography, cannot forget.


    Format  HDSubject Michele CitoniCinematography Michele CitoniSound Michele CitoniEditing Roberto MencheriniMusic KuNa, Pasquale Innarella QuartetMain cast Frank Cancian


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