La fiaba perduta

The Lost Fairytale

2019 / 45 min / Colour

The creation of an archive fund dedicated to his work leads the Gorizia visual anthropologist Olivia Pellis to confront the need to organise the material collected in over ninety years of life: 100 hours of film footage and 40,000 photographs that testify to the local traditions of the High Friuli. However, amongst so much precious material, we do not find what is perhaps one of his most important films, commissioned by the Alpine regiment after the dramatic earthquake of 6th May 1976. The documentary is a journey into the memory of places, filtered by the testimony of those who lived through those events, in search of the lost film and its testimony of the reconstruction: a journey through archives, film archives, memories and local television stations, in the hope of tracking down the precious film. And a journey into memory and its difficult, but necessary, preservation.


    Format  HDSubject Giulio GattusoScreenplay Cristian Natoli, Giulio GattusoCinematography Debora VrizziSound Francesco MorosiniEditing Matteo SermanMusic Marco GerminiProduction company Tesla Production S.r.l.


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