Storia dal Qui

A Story from Here

2018 / 75 min / Colour

"What did you come for? There is nothing here." Eleonora has never lived in Ascoli Satriano, in the Apulian hinterland. Her parents emigrated in the 1960s to Milan, in search of work and a new life. Only during one summer, as a child, did she explore the town with Adele, a friend for a few months who for years sent Eleonora letters. From Milan, the director retraces the path of emigration to return to the town, seeking traces of Adele and her past, of an identity lost, but still alive. Fragments of history, testimonies, memories veiled by the lens of childhood: Ascoli Satriano is an earthly place, an imaginary space that takes shape in the journey of the director, in her attempt to reconstruct a dialogue with the companion of her childhood. But it is also a town that fights for its existence, against the rising tide of depopulation: the feast of San Potito martyr, with the donkey made of papier-mâché and iron to which fireworks are attached, is the embodiment of a look to the past that is renewed every year, in the memories of its inhabitants.


    Format  HDSubject Eleonora MastropietroScreenplay Eleonora MastropietroCinematography Eleonora MastropietroSound Giovanni CoronaEditing Fabio BobbioProduction company Associazione La Fournaise


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