La patente

A Driver's License

2018 / 41 min / Colour

When duty takes up most of your time, it's hard to dream. And even more, to find the strength to follow your dreams. Domenico knows this, and remembers it every morning when he has to get up at dawn to take care of the flock on his family's farm. But he does not want to give up on getting his driving license, which he needs in order to move around, independently, from the mountains where he lives, in a rural and remote area of Sicily. For this reason he signs up for a driving school, down in the village, but to reach it he has to travel miles on foot. And it is only one of the many difficulties to be faced. Despite the opposition of his family members, and sometimes even their scorn, Domenico follows his desire while the camera captures him, discreetly, in the few moments of reflection that are granted to a shepherd in perennial movement, tied to his steps, to the paths on the highlands, to the pastures. At eighteen, building one's own life is a steep path, where no one offers any shortcuts.


    Format  HDSubject Giovanni Gaetani LiseoProduction company Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia


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