Oro blanco

White Gold

2018 / 24 min / Colour

The vast saline deserts in northwestern Argentina are home to one of the world's largest lithium deposits. It is the white gold craved by the great international mining companies, which dig and collect it by any means, at an intense pace, in contempt of the indigenous populations that inhabit those territories: peaceful people, dedicated for survival to the rearing of llamas and the traditional harvesting of salt, now threatened by the gradual disappearance of water from the soil. Lithium, salt, wool and water. Following this white and luminous trace, with evocative images and a narrative open to poetry and irony, as to the most dutiful denunciation, the documentary tells of the dignity of a people threatened and left alone to defend their own needs and to fight for the welfare of Pachamama, Mother Earth. But the resistance began organising some time ago.


    Format  HDCinematography Rina ZimmeringSound Andreas GoldbrunnerEditing Robert VakilyProduction company HFF Munich


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