God's Acre

2017 / 24 min / Colour

An old man is the last remaining inhabitant of a small village lost in the mountains. Day after day, he observes from his house the ruins that were once full of life. His existence is completely solitary, marked by the slightest daily gestures, by the shelter of animals and pets, and by the care of the small cemetery of the town. In the repetition of a daily routine that is always the same, forced to remain silent, emerges a heartfelt and uninterrupted, wordless dialogue with those who are no longer there but have not gone away: a conversation with death, a monologue that contains both questions and answers. The images, which comprise the activities of man, the existence of animals and the changes of the season with identical participation, without interference or judgment form the portrait of a very noisy solitude.


    Format  HDScreenplay  Pablo Adiego Almudevar, María Victoria Gonzalez GalindezCinematography  Irene Sanchez ArraezSound  Julen Arbiol OizEditing  Estaban Álava ZuazuMusic  Julen Arbiol Oiz, Iñigo García TejedorMain cast  José María AquilueProduction company  Universidad de Navarra


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