Uno strano processo

A Strange Trial

2018 / 10 min / Colour

If you are a vegetarian boy growing up in a hunting family in the Ticino Canton, your life will certainly not be easy. Marcel knows this well and as an adult he decided to represent the world of hunting, his family and his history by relying on animations, videos and family photos. The story of a renegade passion becomes the occasion to reflect on family ties, on one's identity and on the confrontation with his father: "I have always wanted to make a film about hunting. I mean ... against hunting!". The fairy-tale irony with which the director narrates the hunt in the contemporary world, reflecting on the absence of a real need for this practice, approaches a heartfelt return to his origins, to the memories of a childhood in which everyone hunted, but life could reserve unexpected detours in the mountains, even to those who could not pull the trigger. If the father is a hunter, a story written by his mother, while still a child, can explain, as in a dream, Marcel's reasons.


    Format  HDSubject Marcel BarcelliScreenplay Marcel BarcelliSound Jerome BaurEditing Marcel Barcelli, Zoltan HorvathMusic Louis CrelierMain cast Marcel BarelliProduction company Nadasdy Film


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