Are you listening mother?

2019 / 19 min / Colour

A woman's freedom is the freedom of an entire people. A mother who is under house arrest cannot exceed the fifteen meter limit around her home. An electronic bracelet reveals her position to the police, while her son tries to protect her from a necessary rebellion, in the space of her daily life. Tuna Kaptan tells us about contemporary Turkey, the absurdity of laws and persecutions, and the difficulty the Kurdish population faces in asserting its right to existence, to a land, to an identity. And it does so starting from an internal space, oppressive and progressively bare: in any case, the child will try to safeguard his mother from a power sensitive only to the lure of corruption. The woman's fault is a red thread with which she has woven her condemnation and which now surrounds her home, tracing a new border, never to be crossed.


    Format  HDSubject Ilham BakirScreenplay Tuna KaptanCinematography Roy Yunus ImerSound Ömer Bugra, Clemens BeckerEditing Sophie OldenbourgMusic Özgür AkgülMain cast Aziz Çapkurt, Sebiha Bozan, Bülent Keser, Adnan DevranProduction company Donaukapitän


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