Sanam mama dabrundeba

Before Father Gets Back

2018 / 75 min / Colour

Between the mountains of Georgia, in a village in the Pankisi valley, live Iman and Eva, friends and companions behind the camera. Their fathers left a long time ago, to join ISIS and fight on the distant fronts of terrorism. The region they live in is home to many leaders and fighters. Originally, the Islam that united the faithful of the valley was far from radicalism. When the cinema crosses their gaze, manifesting itself on the wall of a dark classroom, Iman and Eva decide to use the camera to talk about themselves, their everyday life, and their hopes and dreams, followed by the director, Mari Gulbiani, who documents a break with tradition for two teenagers within a torn community. Through the lens of a camera, beyond waiting for the return, Iman and Eva will discover new ways to express themselves and to imagine their lives.


    Format  HDSubject Mari GulbianiScreenplay Mari GulbianiCinematography Mari Gulbiani, Nik Voigt, Toto KotetishviliSound Matthias WeberEditing Nina GraaflandMusic Levan MizandariProduction company Nushi Film


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