Naturales Historiae

2019 / 56 min / Colour

Pauline Julier was in Qatar when in 2010 the Eyjafjöll volcano erupted in Iceland, thousands of kilometres away. Air traffic throughout Europe was blocked for days: Nature had taken over the skies. In the hotel where she was staying, awaiting her departure, she met other guests with whom she began to discuss their shared experience. An Italian man, a French professor and a Chinese paleo-botanist became the first companions of a journey into the history of nature and its representations. Through history, art and literature it is possible to explore the complex cosmogony of images with which man has tried to explain natural processes, climatic phenomena, and volcanic eruptions. From an ancient world in which the dominant natural phenomena were generators of myths to the contemporaneity of the Anthropocene and of the apparent human supremacy on earth, the director explores natural phenomena such as absence, a complexity impossible to decipher, challenging the canonical notion of nature and humanity.


    Format  HDSubject Pauline JulierScreenplay Pauline JulierCinematography Marion NeumannSound Xavier LavorelEditing Pauline JulierMusic Francis FruitMain cast Jun Wang, Bruno Latour, Philippe DescolaProduction company Les films du Chalet


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