Bostofrio, où le ciel rejoint la terre

Bostofrio, Where the Sky Meets the Earth

2018 / 70 min / Colour

Bostofrio is a small village in the municipality of Boticas, in the district of Vila Real, lost in the most remote countryside of Portugal. Paulo Carneiro, the young director, decides to return to his family's places to tell the story of his grandparents; of his grandfather in particular, a mysterious and singular man. To do this, he must be able to break the rule of silence that all the members of that small community seem to have voted for. Thus, putting himself on the line and appearing on film in first person, the director composes the film juxtaposing a series of interviews - or rather, chats - intimate, embarrassing, at times amusing and touching, always lively and authentic. With a conspiratorial and contemplative eye, Carneiro engages in dialogue with the inhabitants of the small village, with his relatives and with those who knew his grandfather, raising the veil on a rurality that may have disappeared, but is still pulsating with secrets and half-truths.


    Format  HDSubject Paulo CarneiroScreenplay Paulo CarneiroCinematography Pedro NevesSound Ricardo LealEditing André Valentim AlmeidaProduction company Red Desert Films


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