The Absence of Apricots

2018 / 49 min / Colour

Once there were villages where the bed of a turquoise lake now rests. Water has covered much of the land, walls and houses. A man watches the land from his perch on the highest branch of a tree emerging from the surface of the water. Years ago, a landslide blocked a river that soon turned into a lake, thirty kilometres long. Thousands of people who lived in the surrounding villages were forced to move. What remains of the humanity that inhabited this valley, in the north of Pakistan, emerges in the stories, rites and traditions that are handed down from generation to generation. But the ghosts still roam the region, wandering in the dust. Daniel Asadi Faezi mixes documentary and story, everyday life and legend, pulling the viewer into an ecstatic dance that crosses the elements and breaks on the steep cliffs that delimit the lake, a source of destruction and rebirth.


    Format  HDSubject Daniel Asadi FaeziCinematography Lilli PongratzSound Ali Atif & Mila ZhluktenkoEditing Mila ZhluktenkoMusic Andy Aged & KAVALLMain cast Naveed Ullah Baig, Fatma Ayaz, Bitan MashroofProduction company Daniel Asadi Faezi in Cooperation with National College of Arts Lahore and HFF Munich


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