2017 / 98 min / Colour

Alija is a miner. Thirty years ago he left Srebrenica and Bosnia for Slovenia, where he lives with his wife and two children. In 2009, at the height of the economic crisis and layoffs, he was sent by the company he works for to control the Huda Jama mine or "malignant cave". He just has to make sure it's empty before it's sold: but the mine has not been empty for over sixty years, and the walls in front of it were built for a specific reason. In the labyrinth of underground conduits and caves, Alija discovers several mass graves full of nameless corpses. From that moment on he will try to bring out a terrible truth, against the will of his bosses and of a power that tries to hide the horror, calling the police and the press and bringing to light the evidence of a massacre dating back to the end of the second World War. The third feature by director Hanna Slak is based on real events that involved the miner Mehmedalija Alić, when he found the bodies of more than three thousand people in a cave near the city of Laško: civilians considered collaborators of the Nazis and exterminated. Thanks to Alić's perseverance, in 2016, after seven years, they were accorded an identity, a history and a burial.


    Format  HDSubject Hanna SlakScreenplay Hanna SlakCinematography Matthias PilzSound Gabor RipliEditing Vladimir GojunMusic Amelie LegrandMain cast Leon Lucev, Marina Redzepovic, Boris CavazzaProduction company Nukleus film


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