2018 / 43 min / Colour

With the dream of reopening an ancient waterway, that of the river Adige, a caravan of canoes embarks in Bolzano with the intention of reaching the sea. Navigated from the High Middle Ages to the First World War, the river, once important for the transport of goods, can be relived today as an adventure of the spirit by those who view the ancient paths as cultural and spiritual experiences. Today, navigation is complicated by five dams that obstruct the passage and by indifference towards the river, relegated and abandoned. The canoeists of the Canoa Club Verona, with the participation of Alessandro Anderloni, face the journey that the director Alessandro Scillitani narrates thanks to the experiences, desires and memories of the sailors and thanks also to the encounters along the river. This is a collective story that wants to help create a movement of opinion to finally equip the waterway, integrate it with other gentle river routes and make it accessible to travellers.


    Format  HDSubject Luigi SpelliniScreenplay Alessandro ScillitaniCinematography Alessandro ScillitaniSound Alessandro ScillitaniEditing Alessandro ScillitaniMusic Contrada LorìMain cast Alessandro Anderloni, Luigi Lineri, Kurt Werth, Alessandro Bertagnoli, Giuseppe MarchiProduction company Artemide Film, Canoa Club Verona


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