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    Growing with the mountain, Alexandre (Alexandre, fils de berger) is twelve years old, but has in his look and in the strength of his young arms the determination and the awareness of an adult shepherd. It is what he dreams, taking care of his sheep in the immensity of the Alpine landscape. Other landscapes, same grandiosity, those are what act as a background to Lefa, Senate, Retabil, and Mosaku’s doubts (Coming of Age), in front of their future in the [continue reading]

  • Looks, colours, sounds.

    The musicality of the language wraps the spectators of the Teatro Vittoria. From Iran comes one of the most intense films of the 2015 competition: Dokhtar… Madar… Dokhtar… (Daughter… Mother… Daughter…) from director Panahbarkhoda Rezaee. The dark profiles of women in chador will remain in the mind and in the heart, black columns that stand out on the burnt ground. Persia, today Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Turkey. Eloise Barbieri has travelled it in Sui miei passi, viaggio nell’altro Afghanistan and [continue reading]

  • Broken mountains

    Stories of broken mountains at the Festival. Broken inside and outside, in the landscape and in the people. The earthquake that devastated L’Aquila in Emiliano Dante’s film (Habitat. note personali), and the one that swept away Nepal. “And we already forgot”, Fausto De Stefani says, showing the pictures of the terrible shocks and of the victims. Broken mountains in the relationships. The incommunicability, the discomfort, and the conflict sign the section of the short films. An ovation to Guðmundur Arnar [continue reading]

  • The portraits of the Festival. People and stories are meeting at the 21. Film Festival della Lessinia. Skule Eriksen, winner in 2012 with Vinterlys, has arrived from Norway to be a member of the international jury. Among the audience about to enter is Sandro Bonardi, an antropologist visiting the festival. Fraser Gee is a Festival volunteer coming from farther away: he landed a few days ago from Sydney , Australia. Michele Cirigliano from Switzerland describes the film Padrone e sotto, [continue reading]

  • Higher words

    Parole alte: the meetings of the Film Festival della Lessinia, every day at 5 pm in the Sala Olimpica of the Teatro Vittoria. The program will be opened by the writer Enrico Camanni on Sunday, August 23rd, with the presentation of his work Il fuoco e il gelo (published by Laterza), and by la Grande Guerra sulle Alpi, with the special appearance of singer and songwriter Massimo Bubola. Alpinist Fausto De Stefani will be back at the Film Festival della [continue reading]

  • A volcanic edition

    A volcanic edition. And it is not just a figure of speech, since the volcanoes will be the protagonists of the XXI Film Festival della Lessinia that will start on Saturday, August 22nd 2015 at Bosco Chiesanuova. The Festival dedicated to life, history and mountain traditions, in its annual tribute theme, dedicates to the volcanoes a rich retrospective starting with the inaugural film that will be shown on August 22nd, the gorgeous Ixcanul – Vulcano from Guatemala, winner of the [continue reading]