Giuseppe Petruzzellis / Italy, United States / 2023 / 62 min / Colour

"Saxa loquuntur", reads a Latin epigraph: "The stones speak". For about 60 years, Luigi Lineri has been collecting stones along the Adige river and in Lessinia, which he catalogs in a monumental collection: "La Ricerca". His artistic work focuses on the repetition of forms, both human and animal, which recall prehistoric sculptures. Among these are sheep's heads, fish, faces, women's bodies, and rudimentary weapons, based on the belief that they were sculpted by our "primitive fathers". Giuseppe Petruzzellis accompanies Lineri for eight years, exploring the evocative use of archival materials. He combines the languages of documentary and experimental cinema, entrusting the original soundtrack to Nicolás Jaar, a world-famous musician. "La Ricerca," says Petruzzellis, "is a race towards the unknown, fuelled by the usual, unsolvable questions: who are we, where do we come from?" It is a collective existential investigation, steeped in primordial memories and omens for the future, on the most profound human nature.

  • Giuseppe Petruzzellis

    Giuseppe Petruzzellis

    Giuseppe Petruzzellis (1983) worked as an investigative journalist. In 2007 he founded Aplysia, a production company specialized in documentaries. He has collaborated in the realization of many film projects, often covering different roles: screenwriter, producer, director and editor. The short documentaries he has directed have garnered awards at Ji.hlava IDFF, the Milano Film Festival, and Interfilm Berlin, among others. La ricerca (2023), his debut feature film, was awarded the World Premiere and Special Young Jury Prize at Visions du Réel 2023.


Screenplay Giuseppe PetruzzellisCinematography Michele Brandstetter de Bellesini, Giuseppe PetruzzellisSound Davide SaggioroEditing Giuseppe PetruzzellisMusic Nicolás JaarMain cast Luigi LineriProduction company APLYSIA


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