Bekir Bülbül / Belgium, Turkey / 2022 / 103 min / Colour

Italian premiere

Musa is an elderly refugee living in southeastern Anatolia. After his wife's death, he decides to carry the coffin with her body through the snowy and desolate streets, accompanied by his 12-year-old granddaughter, who still carries with her the trauma of war. But crossing borders is not easy. Their journey becomes increasingly complicated as they approach a country at war, are captured by the police, and their paths separate into three different destinations. Bir Tutam Karanfil is a road movie that conveys the desire to find peace amidst the difficulties of conflicts. Starting from the conviction that we are all immigrants to this world, having arrived here somehow and will soon have to go back, the film delicately addresses the theme of mourning and the rituals of loss, and poses a burning question: after all, what do we take with us?

  • Bekir Bülbül

    Bekir Bülbül

    Born in Konya, Turkey in 1985, he graduated from Sakarya University with a degree in computer engineering and earned a master's degree in theatre from Istanbul University.

    His first documentary, Bulgur Mill (2016), was screened at numerous international festivals. His debut feature film, My Short Words (2018), presented at the Istanbul Film Festival, received various awards. He was invited to the Isfahan Film Festival 2018 in Iran as a member of the international jury.


Screenplay Büsra Bülbül, Bekir Bülbül Cinematography Baris AygenEditing Eren Sabri Öztürk, Bekir BülbülProduction company Filmcode- Turkey


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