Ramazan Kılıç / Turkey / 2023 / 16 min / Colour

The initial establishing shot on the Turkish hill gives the impression of keeping the Kurdish village below under control. An emblematic inscription reads: "How happy is he who says: I am a Turk". In the village lives a grandmother, mute and infirm, whose only connection to the outside world is the television. For many years, Kurdistan has been suffering from repression by the Turkish government, violation of human rights, limitation of civil liberties and censorship. And so it is that, with the intention of countering even a vulnerable grandmother, the Turkish army enters her house, turning off her beloved television. However, thanks to the power of her imagination, her granddaughter Sevin will circumvent the censorship through an act of peaceful rebellion in which she will undertake to give her grandmother back her smile. A cast of non-professionals in a real struggle for self-determination, which speaks to us of "things never heard of", of experiences extraordinarily distant from the darkest moments of human existence.

  •  Ramazan Kılıç

    Ramazan Kılıç

    He is a director, screenwriter and producer, born in Ağrı, Eastern Turkey in 1993. He studied cinema and literature at İstanbul Şehir University in Istanbul. His short film The School Bus (2019) has been shown in many film festivals, including Clermont-Ferrand. Things Unheard of (2023) was critically well received and was hosted at various festivals, including the Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival and Giffoni Film Festival, among others.


Screenplay  Ramazan KılıçCinematography Sebastian WeberSound İlker RukanEditing Abdullah Enes ÜnalMusic Xebat AsmiMain cast Elanur Kılıç, Reyhan KılıçProducer Ramazan KilicProduction company Remo Films


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