Fred Zinneman / United States / 1982 / 108 min / Colour

1932. Douglas and Kate, a Scottish doctor and a dynamic young woman, reach a solitary cabin surrounded by the majestic mountains of Engadin, in the Swiss valley of the Canton of Grisons. The two claim to be husband and wife and set themselves the goal of enriching their holiday with lots of mountaineering. A local guide, the young Johann, accompanies them and soon falls under Kate's spell and wins her trust until she reveals unexpected secrets. Mountaineering, with its beauty and its dangers, transforms the relationship into a triangle of growing tension: left alone to conquer the most demanding peak, the doctor and the guide begin to quarrel, but will have to postpone the showdown. A gripping love drama by Fred Zinnemann, in a breathtaking Alpine setting.

  • Fred Zinneman

    Fred Zinneman

    Fred Zinneman (1907-1997) was an Austrian director, who lived mainly in the USA. He began his career in film in Los Angeles, as a documentarian. His western, High Noon (1952), won 4 Oscars. In 1954 he won the Oscar for best director with From Here to Eternity. After A Hatful of Rain (1957), he directed The Nun's Story (1959). In 1966 A Man for All Seasons, one of his finest films, was released and earned him his second Oscar as best director. He directed The Day of the Jackal in 1973, and won three Academy Awards for the film Julia (1977). His last film was Five Days One Summer (1982).


Cinematography Giuseppe RotunnoEditing Stuart BairdMusic Elmer BernsteinProduction company The Ladd Company


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