Jack Parry / Australia / 2022 / 3 min / Colour

A man climbs a mountain; this tires him because he is loaded with objects that he carries on his back. The climb becomes an undaunted and clumsy struggle, surrounded by the overwhelming atmosphere of Balkan Brass. This absurd universal quest is based on an ancient Greek myth and is represented as an animated musical dance, which contrasts with the void left by the obsession with objects. The short film, lasting only three minutes, pushes us to question the perception of reality and the duration of things and makes us a profound wish: "May the objects of your life NOT become your life goal". Materialism, possession, and hoarding are among the most pressing issues of our time. Why do we crave all these objects? Maybe we are looking for the meaning of life in the wrong place...

  • Jack Parry

    Jack Parry

    Jack Parry is a maker of animated short films and director of Parry Animation Studios, based in Melbourne, Australia. His works, which he produces with his wife Marianna, manage to involve the viewer and address philosophical issues in an ironic and very direct way, thanks to a pressing rhythm and rousing music. In addition to Object of Life (2021), he has made Calypso (2009), Guajiro (2005), Play Without Words (2003) and Bitzitulebocques (2002).


Screenplay Jack James ParryProducer Marianna Parry


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