Anna-Maria Dutoit / Germany, Portugal / 2023 / 8 min / Colour

Italian premiere

Long is the life of a mountain landscape that changes over time. At the bottom of the ocean, tectonic plates collide and peaks soar upwards. When the snow accumulates and compacts glaciers form, which dominate these peaks for many years -- millions and millions of years -- until the human species arrives. And the story it brings with it is anything but reassuring. The ghosts of olive groves after forest fires, the plastic waste thrown in the middle of nature, the now extinct frogs in the Costa Rican rainforest. The scorching heat makes its way between the towering towers of waste, while the glacial formations retreat inexorably, revealing the scars of the past. Earth, the now old and tired directly-interested party, is perhaps the only one to have a say on environmental disasters and the effects of climate change, and she tells us about them in the first person.

  • Anna-Maria Dutoit

    Anna-Maria Dutoit

    Anna-Maria Dutoit was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but raised in Munich, Germany where she completed her studies in political science and geography. Since 2019 she has been studying documentary filmmaking at the University of Television and Film Munich. She has directed some shorts including Velhice / Old Age (2023), I'tikaaf (2022) and Aus den Augen aus dem Sinn (2020), awarded a prize at the CinemAmbiente Film Festival in Turin.


Cinematography Louis DickhautSound Ricardo Reis, Hanna StockEditing Anna-Maria DutoitProduction company University of Television and Film Munich


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