Laen Sanches / France / 2022 / 2 min / Colour

"You will never look at plastic the same way again," warns Lean Sanches. Plstc is an animated short film with a claustrophobic title, an almost two-minute nightmare in which highly detailed sea creatures are stuck in plastic cages, while violins play insistent, dramatic music. A fish, a seahorse, a seagull, a polar bear... Increasingly large and decomposing animals in the depths of the sea evoke the horror to which we are condemning life under the sea. A bit like Dalì, who tended to every single detail to make the effect of the canvas surreal, Sanches carefully puts together polymers of animals and materials, creating images using artificial intelligence and composing them manually, giving life to an underwater dystopia that leaves us breathless.

  • Laen Sanches

    Laen Sanches

    Laen Sanches is a French director, art director, and motion designer. He lives and works in Amsterdam. He studied applied arts, production, and direction of animated films. He began his special effects career working in Paris and Los Angeles. He directed the award-winning Miss Daisy Cutter (2010). His short film PLSTC (2022) received a special mention at the Monstra Festival de Animação de Lisboa and at the Seoul International Short Film Festival.


Screenplay Laen SanchesCinematography Laen SanchesSound Magnus Monfeldt & Nick SmithEditing Laen SanchesMusic PremiumProductionTracksProduction company Laen Sanches


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