Ana Vaz / Brazil, France, Italy / 2022 / 66 min / Colour

The yellow eyes of an owl in the darkness of a metropolis, accompanied by apocalyptic trumpet sounds that seem to speak for her. A boa constrictor roams the outskirts of Taguatinga, a capybara swims in the pools of Palácio Itamaraty, an anteater has died by the roadside. In the suburbs of Brasilia, among the lights of the street lamps and the noise of the cars whizzing by at night, these exotic animals seem to be victims of a spell. But there is nothing more real: their habitat has been invaded by unbridled overbuilding, which has led them to be disoriented, injured, or ill in urban places. É noite na América is a documentary with eco-horror traits that marks the debut of Ana Vaz, who chooses to use expired 16mm film, that is a cinematographic medium close to disappearance, exactly like these animals threatened with extinction .

  • Ana Vaz

    Ana Vaz

    Ana Vaz (1986) is a Brazilian artist and director. She studied at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and at Le Fresnoy in France. She is a member of the COYOTE collective. Her debut film was the short Sacris Pulso (2008). Numerous festivals have hosted her works: IFFR Rotterdam, New York Film Festival, TIFF Toronto, BFI London and Cinéma du Réel Paris, among others. Her feature debut É noite na América (2022) was selected at the IFFR 2023.


Screenplay Ana Vaz, Deborah ViegasCinematography Jacques Cheuiche, Deborah ViegasSound Ana Vaz, Nuno da Luz, Erwan KerzanetEditing Ana Vaz, Deborah ViegasMusic Guilherme Vaz, Ana VazProduction company Fondazione In Between Art Film, Spectre Productions, Pivô


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