Myriam Raccah / Belgium, Italy / 2023 / 69 min / Colour

In Sardinia, in Oliena, on the slopes of Monte Corrasi, the fields are plagued by drought and local legends seem to have disappeared from people's memory. "And yet, the more I spent time in the company of its inhabitants, the more it seemed to me that the deep spirit of those stories hovered everywhere". Thus, Myriam Raccah sets out in search of the ancient legends, which are powerfully evoked by the music, the expanses of olive trees, and the fires of San Giovanni. The old ladies pray, the young people practice traditional songs, and a painter paints a mural depicting a portal that connects to a magical world. A shepherd, on the mountain surrounded by smoke, is attracted to the ruins of the Domus de Janas, those prehistoric tombs carved into the rock which, according to popular belief, were inhabited by little fairies linked to nature and magic. The shepherd fights against the fire... but only the storm can calm the flames.

  • Myriam Raccah

    Myriam Raccah

    She is a French-Italian documentary filmmaker. She graduated in Brussels in directing at INSAS and in “Speculative Narration” at Erg Saint-Luc. She has worked as a director, editor, sound designer, and production manager. Since 2015 she has been a member of the ARG (Animation Research Group), an international collective of artistic research around animation practices, with which she has exhibited at BOZAR, at the Erg Galerie in Brussels, and at the Espace Khiasma (Paris). Domus de Janas is her first feature film.


Screenplay Myriam RaccahCinematography Federica OrtuSound Beatrice MeleEditing Lucrezia LippiMusic Alek HidellProducer Ellen Meiresonne, Lorenzo Borrelli


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