Marco Rossitti / Italy / 2023 / 74 min / Colour

Places belong to those who "inhabit" them, that is those who take care of them and feel they are essential to their identity. In Latin, "habitare" means "to have habitually", in the sense of "to conserve": nothing to do with ownership or possession. The caretakers can be recognized by the profound mastery of the place in which they live, acquired first with the lessons of the fathers, then with observation, dedication and awareness, engraved in their face and hands, reflected in their gaze and imprinted in their memory. Cecilia, Bepo, Egidio, Miriam, Mauro, Konrad, Erika, Gianfranco, Tobia, Xiaolei, Roberto, Matteo, and Massimo. From the highlands of Carnia to the Magredi del Friuli, from the peaks of the Pordenone Dolomites to Lessinia, Marco Rossitti establishes a connection with the custodian of each place, asking them to tell their story: "I understood that one can be a custodian for the most diverse reasons: by instinct , election, passion, tradition, foresight, destiny, vocation, and choice".

  • Marco Rossitti

    Marco Rossitti

    He is a professor of cinema at the University of Udine, as well as a director and author of essays. He has created various festivals including Cadore Doc. Arte & Paesaggio, Terre dell'uomo, and Dissolvenze. He has written and directed programs and documentaries broadcast by Rai, Sky and Sat 2000. He is responsible for the cinema / television / multimedia section of the national project, "L' Altro Versante", dedicated to the landscape and biodiversity of the mountains of Italy. Custodi won the Dolomites World Heritage Award at the Trento Film Festival.


Screenplay Marco RossittiCinematography Luciano GaudenzioSound Daniela PizzarottiEditing Paolo CottignolaMain cast Cecilia Loits, Giuseppe “Bepo” Gortani, Egidio Fontana, Miriam Leonardi, Mauro Caldana, Konrad Meßner, Erika De Bortoli, Gianfranco Faccio, Tobia Zagnoli, Xiaolei Xue, Roberto Ferraro, Matteo Ciaghi, Massimo Cerato (tutti nella parte di se stessi)Producer Daniela Pizzarotti


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