Niranjan Raj Bhetwal / Nepal / 2022 / 14 min / Colour

In a remote corner in the mountains of Nepal, a woman very devoted to her now deceased husband often remembers him, as does their son who stays close to her. Her husband visits her in a dream, delivering an important message: her soul is trapped in the liminal space between the real world and the afterlife. During the lunar eclipse, the woman goes to the riverside with a lamp in her hands and undertakes a mysterious task to lead her husband to safety and say goodbye to him forever. The spirituality and universality of the human condition intertwine in a short film that offers us the opportunity to reflect on the pain of loss and the capacity for acceptance. The choice is complex and obligatory: to hold on to what is dear to us at all costs or to decide to let it go.

  • Niranjan Raj Bhetwal

    Niranjan Raj Bhetwal

    Nepalese director Niranjan Raj Bhetwal lives in Kathmandu. He graduated in screenwriting and directing in 2013 from the Oscar International College. His short film Kafal Pakyo (2014) has been screened at many festivals including the Denver Film Festival, winning numerous awards. In 2018 he shot Smoke Through a Spider Web (2018), obtaining critical acclaim. He participated in the Berlinale Talents Campus 2021. Indreni pari (2022) is his first feature film and Anhad, was selected at the IFFR 2022.


Screenplay Niranjan raj BhetwalCinematography Sarad MahatoSound Samrat KhanalEditing Kiran ShresthaMusic kutumba BandMain cast Chandra Kumari Upadhyaya, Hari Bahadur AdhikariProduction company Ram krishna Pokharel


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