Enrico Carnuccio / Italy / 2023 / 75 min / Colour

Against the backdrop of a post-industrial Turin and a Calabria in a state of depopulation, a couple of Calabrian immigrants travels through a double identity in search of the causes that led to their uprooting during the period of the Italian economic boom. Tullio, a former Fiat worker, travels through the Stilaro Valley with his Fiat 126, while his wife Rita, a modern Calabrese cummara, despite being emancipated in the north, still feels closely linked to the traditions of her place of origin. Oscillating between symbolism and dream world, the two explore the shadows left by the great wave of Italian migration both in the south and in the north, bringing to light the theme of integration, factory work, and the unstable sense of identity of those who are migrants. The choice of the autobiographical instrument delves deeply into one of the pressing themes of Italian society, through the gaze of someone who left without ever leaving.

  • Enrico Carnuccio

    Enrico Carnuccio

    Enrico Carnuccio was born in Turin in 1981. An engineer by training, he specialized in the study of soundscapes. He has lived between Lisbon and Heidelberg, where he developed his visual approach. He consolidated his training as a director in collaboration with Caucaso Factory, working on the projects Shelter-Farewell to Eden (2019) and Lucus a lucendo-A proposito di Carlo Levi (2019). In 2019 he directed the short film Ökofast. Ombre a Mezzogiorno(2023) is his feature film debut.


Screenplay Enrico Carnuccio, Nicodemo BumbacaCinematography Stefano CrociSound Claudio Chiera, Jacopo BonoraEditing Enrico Carnuccio, Enrico MasiMusic MujuraMain cast Francesco Tullio Carnuccio, Maria Rita Bumbaca, Carmela Mosca, Antonio Bumbaca, Elena Messina, Domenico Zannino e Rocco AlìProducer Stefano Migliore, Stefano Croci, Davide Rabacchin e Enrico Carnuccio


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