Alessio De Gottardi, Emanuel Hohl, Matthias Müller Klug, Manuel Jäggi / Switzerland / 2022 / 77 min / Colour

Italian premiere

The wind whistles between the rocks of Somuncurá, the vast plateau of Argentine Patagonia, bringing with it collective memories, muffled voices and a long history of territorial conflicts. The Tehuelche, also known as Günün a küna, the "people of the North", were originally nomadic hunters, closely linked to the natural environment of the Patagonian lands, who moved according to the available resources. Their life was turned upside down by the arrival of the European colonizers, who, between repression and violence, forced them into a sedentary life, completely turning their lives upside down and causing a significant demographic and cultural decline. The Swiss collective that made Campo Abierto was created to raise awareness of the Tehuelche question, and thinks about the transformation of the territories caused by colonization as a single open field. Despite efforts to preserve the Tehuelche heritage, the centuries of persecution will always remain a deep wound.

  • Alessio De Gottardi

    Alessio De Gottardi

    Born in 1991 in Bellinzona, Switzerland, he graduated in architecture at the ETH Zurich (ETHZ). He is co-founder of Campo Abierto, a group of artists, architects, and documentary filmmakers born with the aim of promoting cultural diversity and creating spaces for reflection on communities and places, investigating the phenomena of the transformation  of territories through photography and cinema.

  • Emanuel Hohl

    Emanuel Hohl

    He is a Swiss director and editor, born in 1991. He attended the Zurich Art School, graduating in Cinema. He lives and works in Zurich as a freelancer. He has shot various short films including Scherben (2016) and Serpentine (2017). He is the founder of Campo Abierto together with M. Müller, Gottardi and M. Jäggi, a project that investigates the phenomena and processes of transformation of the territory.

  • Matthias Müller Klug

    Matthias Müller Klug

    He was born in 1992 in Basel, Switzerland and studied architecture at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ), at the FADU in Buenos Aires. and at the NUS Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore. He has developed a strong interest in the field of craftsmanship and sustainable building. He completed a masters degree in creative documentary at the UAB in Barcelona and investigates phenomena and processes of territorial transformation with Campo Abierto.

  • Manuel Jäggi

    Manuel Jäggi

    He is a sociologist born in 1991 in Basel. He studied history, sociology, geography and spatial planning at the University of Basel and at the ETH Zurich (ETHZ). He works as a documentary maker, dealing with the transformations of the territory. He is a co-founder of Campo Abierto.


Screenplay  Emanuel Hohl, Matthias Müller Klug, Manuel Jäggi, Alessio De GottardiCinematography Emanuel Hohl, Alessio De GottardiSound Matthias Müller Klug, Manuel Jäggi, Arian Frank, Dominik Traub, Omar RuedaEditing Anna Rüegsegger, Emanuel HohlMusic Fabian Cardenas, Mira Studer, Valentinas Krulikovskis, Nikita KiriuchinasProduction company CAMPO ABIERTO


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