Gaetano Pimazzoni / Italy / 2023 / 42 min / Colour

European premiere

The wait is long, while trying to glimpse what is rare. Long stakeouts of the director in the mountainous nature, dedicated to the most discussed predator of our mountains: the wolf. Gaetano Pimazzoni tells a completely personal story, where emotion is only whispered in the early dawn. The filming is imbued with passion, poetry, and patience. The experience is intimate and the atmosphere, between the real and the imaginary, reflects the silent connection between humans and the wild, beyond the veil that separates them. In the background is the Lessinia plateau which extends between Veneto and Trentino, a unique setting where the history of Man is intertwined with that of a forgotten Nature, but today more alive than ever.

  • Gaetano Pimazzoni

    Gaetano Pimazzoni

    He defines himself as a naturalist, photographer, videomaker, and writer. He is originally from Verona, born in 1985. Since he was a child he has appreciated the Lessinia area thanks to his father. Starting in 2012 he first approached nature photography, then documentary videos. Since 2017 he has dedicated himself to the study of the wolf in the area, also collaborating with the association I am not afraid of the wolf and the Wolf Monitoring Network of the Veneto Region. In 2022 he co-founded the LessiniaBolf project.


Screenplay Gaetano PimazzoniCinematography Gaetano PimazzoniSound Gaetano PimazzoniEditing Gaetano PimazzoniMusic Francesco RomitoProduction company Gaetano Pimazzoni


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