Adnane Baraka / France, Morocco / 2022 / 84 min / Colour

Over the deserted highlands of Eastern Morocco, meteor showers and celestial fragments appear in the sky, bringing with them the power to transform the lives of those who find them. Mohamed is a fifty-year-old man who lives with his nomadic family in a tent in the middle of the desert. To improve the harsh living conditions of his loved ones, he sets out in search of those fragments, wandering among the silent dunes. In parallel, a scientist named Abderrahmane relies on this debris to pursue his studies on the origins of the planet. Their searches intersect in a single and interminable journey towards an absolute that seems unattainable. The destination becomes a mirage and their inner journey echoes that of all of us.

  • Adnane Baraka

    Adnane Baraka

    Independent filmmaker Adnane Baraka was born in Marrakech. After studying at the ESAV Film School, he graduated in directing in 2011. In 2009 he made his first short film, Talbanine, set in a remote mountain school. La femme d'un autre (2013) received the Grand Prize at the Festival International du Film de l'Étudiant in Casablanca. His first documentary, Wandering Stars, dates to 2019. Fragments of Heaven (2022), the shooting of which covered a period of two years (2017-2019), was presented at the Locarno Film Festival 2023.


Screenplay Adnane BarakaCinematography Adnane BarakaEditing Adnane Baraka, Karine GermainMusic Adnane BarakaProducer Jean-Pierre Lagrange


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