Shahriar Pourseyedian / Iran (Islamic Republic of) / 2018 / 21 min / Colour

After twenty-three years in prison, Rahim returns to his native land along the river, to meet his brother and to investigate his past. His journey is a return not only to his country but also to his memories and his remorse, with which he is determined to come to terms. In the gray of a forest where the sun never shines, his search will bring to light an unspeakable secret. Only the vision of his brother's home and a harmonious family life will lead him to understand and finally overcome his obsessions, to the point of inducing him to leave, perhaps forever. With a setting of grim heaviness, the director traces the inner conflict of the protagonist and his brother with a little dialogue. As Rahim arrives and departs again on the river, so the slow flow of water dilates the time of the story, as if to suggest an alienation from reality.

  • Shahriar Pourseyedian

    Shahriar Pourseyedian

    After earning a degree in painting from Tehran Art University, and having worked as an art teacher, since 2006 he writes and realises shorts and feature films, awarded all over the world. His films, beginning with his debut in 2008 with Shadows of Silence, have won over eighty awards at national and international film festivals.


Format  HDSubject Shahriar PourseyedianScreenplay Shahriar PourseyedianCinematography Hamid MehrafroozSound Hossein GhoorchianEditing Shahriar PourseyedianMusic Sahand NiknezahdMain cast Asghar Kohanqanbariyan - Majid PotkiProduction company Iranian Youth Cinema Society


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