Anthropocene - The Human Epoch

Edward Burtynsky, Jennifer Baichwal, Nicholas de Pencier / Canada / 2018 / 87 min / Colour

Closing an ideal trilogy that began in 2006 with Manufactured Landscapes and continued with Watermark in 2013, Anthropocene - The Human Epoch is a powerful cinematic meditation on the redesign and manipulation by man of planet Earth. For four years, the directors filmed an international team of scientists who, after nearly a decade of research, hypothesised how the deep and lasting changes inflicted by man on the environment marked the end of the geological era known as the Holocene. Therefore, in the mid-twentieth century, the Anthropocene era begins. From the concrete walls that cover the Chinese coasts to the psychedelic potassium mines in the Ural Mountains, from the devastated Australian coral reef to the surreal lithium evaporation lakes in the Atacama desert, the three directors traveled the globe, documenting evidence of human domination of the Planet, and the signs of our immense impact.

  •  Edward Burtynsky

    Edward Burtynsky

    Edward Burtynsky, born in 1955, is a Canadian photographer and artist. He studied graphic arts at the Ryerson Polytechnic University and at Niagara College.

  • Jennifer Baichwal

    Jennifer Baichwal

    Jennifer Baichwal was born in Montreal in 1965. She studied philosophy and theology at McGill University and is the author of numerous documentaries.

  • Nicholas de Pencier

    Nicholas de Pencier

    Nicholas de Pencier is a Canadian director and cinematographer. With his wife, Jennifer Baichwal, he founded the production company Mercury Films.


Format  HDSubject Jennifer BaichwalCinematography Nicholas de PencierSound David RoseEditing Roland SchlimmeMusic Rose Bolton, Norah Lorway Main cast Alicia VikanderProducer Jennifer Baichwal, Nicholas de Pencier


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