Nostos - Il ritorno

Franco Piavoli / Italy / 1989 / 85 min / Colour

At the end of a bloody war, in a distant and undefined past, a ruthless and cruel hero undertakes the journey back across the Mediterranean. An itinerary that turns out to be long and difficult, fraught with obstacles that come between him and the goal: storms at sea, memories of his past and regret for what he did not do, the desire for oblivion and a meeting of love. A very personal reinterpretation of the myth of Ulysses, where the few characters speak an incomprehensible language, made up of verses and sounds that echo the ancient Mediterranean dialects. The great and silent sea, the threatening rocks with pure water welling up from them, the animals and the mountains, the flowers and the plants seem to welcome the wanderer, like a caring mother.

  • Franco Piavoli

    Franco Piavoli

    Franco Piavoli is an independent and self-taught director. After having abandoned the legal profession, he devoted himself to teaching and to documentary filmmaking. His debut, in later life, took place in 1982 due to the interest of his colleague and close friend, Silvano Agosti. The Blue Planet, presented at the Venice Film Festival, was received with enthusiasm, also collecting the praises of Andrej Tarkovskij.


Format  HDScreenplay Franco PiavoliCinematography Franco PiavoliEditing Franco PiavoliMusic Luca Tessadrelli, Giuseppe MazzuccaMain cast Luigi Mezzanotte, Branca De Camargo, Alex Carozzo, Paola Agosti, Giuseppe Marcoli, Mariella FabbrisProducer Franco Piavoli, Giannandrea PecorelliProduction company Zefiro Film, Immagininazione


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