La planète sauvage

Fantastic Planet

René Laloux / Czech Republic, France / 1973 / 72 min / Colour

On the desolate surface of Ygam, dominate the Draags, an anthropomorphic race of highly evolved and sophisticated colossal creatures: the small humans, in that vast universe, are domesticated animals, with which to amuse the young of the dominant species. Little Tiwa adopts a small Om, to domesticate him, but no one foresees how quickly a human can learn and evolve. Terr, raised in captivity, will become the guide of a humanity that does not recollect its own tragic past, and barbarized by slavery. The animated masterpiece by René Laloux, produced by Roger Corman, is a journey through a multiplicity of animal and plant forms, of futuristic visions seen through an imaginative and fertile lens, and created by the director with Roland Topor. The horizon to which humanity aspires becomes a heartfelt return to Eden, the homeland destroyed by history and by  the mind of a wandering and tragically unconscious people. The wild planet is a mirror, a dream from which to awaken to understand that Ygam, after all, is not such a remote world.

  • René Laloux

    René Laloux

    A French director, screenwriter and animator, after studying painting he devoted himself to cinema, starting to experiment with animation as a form of expression and therapy while working in a psychiatric institute. Collaborating with some of the most important illustrators and artists of his time, including Roland Topor, he made Les Temps Morts (1964), Les Escargots (1965) and La Planète Sauvage (1973). In 1982 he made Les Maîtres du temps, working with Moebius.


Format  HDSubject Stefan WulScreenplay Roland Topor, René LalouxCinematography Boris Baromykin, Lubomir RejtharEditing Hélène Arnal, Marta LátalováMusic Alain Goraguer, Claude PascalMain cast Jennifer Drake, Eric Baugin, Jean Topart, Jean Valmont


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