David Doutel, Vasco Sá / France, Portugal / 2018 / 15 min / Colour

A shepherd with a rough manner and his helpless cousin survive with difficulty in a bare hut by a lake. While the shepherd takes care of the animals and looks after their domestic life joylessly, the other man seems to be prey to mysterious dreams and visions of a better future. Oppressed by the most bleak poverty, their only wealth is a majestic white bull. The arrival of a harsh winter, which freezes the surface of the lake, pushes the difficult relationship between the two cousins, marked by misunderstandings and omens, to the extreme, until a break with devastating consequences. In their fourth collaboration, the two Portuguese directors combine the classic animated technique of oil painting on glass and its ductility with the potentially endless solutions of digital graphics. The result is a dark story that has the flavour of a fairy tale and the roughness of reality, an ancestral parable that contrasts man with Nature.

  • David Doutel

    David Doutel

    David Doutel was born in Porto in 1983. He graduated from the UCP Escola das Artes of Porto, specialising in animation. With Vasco Sá, he also co-directed O Sapateiro, Fuligem and A Nau Caxineta.

  • Vasco Sá

    Vasco Sá

    Vasco Sá was born in Porto in 1979. He graduated from the UCP Escola das Artes of Porto, where he met David Doutel, with whom he collaborated as director and production manager at the Bando à Parte.


Format  HDSubject David Doutel, Pedro Bastos, Vasco SáScreenplay David Doutel, Pedro Bastos, Vasco SáSound Pedro MarinhoEditing David Doutel, Vasco SáMusic David DoutelMain cast António Durães, Valdemar SantosProducer Rodrigo Areias, Barbara Vougnon, Fabienne GiezendannerProduction company  BANDO À PARTE / ZÉRO DE CONDUITE


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